Pete Eyre’s Letter to Deo Odolecki, Who’s Now Caged for Filming The Police



Douglas Odolecki
Parma Detention Center
5555 Powers Blvd
Parma, OH 44129

Douglas “Deo” Odolecki is now caged in Parma, Ohio. Though he’s surrounded by people who deem themselves “upholders of justice” it is Deo who is on the correct side of justice. To be clear, Deo is not guilty of aggression against person or property. He is caged because he sought to introduce transparency into the actions of his captors. To make aggression less likely. But, like all bullies, those at the Parma police outfit weren’t fond of others realizing the true nature of their actions: coercion, extortion, control. So they, in concert with their friends in legaland, told Deo that he had to spend 240 days behind bars. Shame on them. And on their colleagues who know full-well what’s going on and who have yet to speak out.

Being caged can be a trying experience. Often doubts and the inability to execute actions thought desirable (from what to eat to how to allocate ones’ time) can weigh heavily. So, I took a moment, wrote a letter to Deo and decided to share it with you. Hell, we all know his captors will read it, so why not make it public? My true motivation is two-fold. Firstly, to explicitly state to Deo that he should hold his head high knowing that his actions were guided by his love of fellow man. And secondly, to inform others of his situation. Perhaps some of whom decide to send a note to Deo. And also, to perhaps help some see this situation for what it is: yet another example of the injustice built into the “justice system” which, despite lofty promises and oaths to the contrary, seeks to protect it’s perceived legitimacy first and foremost. We can do better.


– Ralph Waldo Emerson: “I am ashamed to think how easily we capitulate to badges and names”

– Frederick Douglass: “The limitation of tyrants is the endurance of those they oppose.”

– Francis Marion: “…if we be ruined for bravely resisting tyranny, what then be our fate should we submit?”


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**Apologies for the relatively poor quality of audio in this video. Shortly after recording my reading of the letter I walked to a nearby post office box and deposited the envelope. It was only a few hours later when I imported the clip into my video editing program that I realized that the clip was flawed. But rather than ditch this video entirely, I used Kazam to screencapture the clip, which I then proceeded to use in the creation of the video.


Cop Block is a decentralized project supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goal of police accountability. We believe that no one – not even those with badges – has extra rights. The failure to realize and act on that is to our detriment. By focusing the disinfecting light of transparency on aggressors we safeguard not just our rights but those of future generations.