Punk Rock Libertarians Founder Matt Bergman on AdamVsTheMan


Adam Kokesh, Amanda Billyrock and Matt Bergman discuss online activism, punk rock & libertarianism.

post freedom “the War Machine”

“The War Machine”
all hail the red, white and blue
never dare question their plan for you
never mind that the history books
paint an illusion of lies
counterfeit currency, sinking ship, staged democracy
illusion of choice where both choices unanimously choose war
they choose war, always war

this is not a test this is the war machine
we consume as others bleed
who needs consent when you can take it?
guns, drones and bombs
who would dare break it?
this is it this is the war machine
so many with a conscience clean
endless wars, perpetual killing
if you suffer from compassion they can numb the feeling.

“truth is treason in the empire of lies”
transparency seen through a looking glass sham democracy
NDAA record what you say
“due process” is no longer the way
if you lived in another country
how would you feel about the U.S.A?
the American way?

Video by Danny McClure