Rand Paul on Government’s Wasteful Spending in His Weekly Waste Report


Senator Rand Paul talks about his Waste Report he releases every week that highlights extravagant spending the US government does every year.

“We have a 3.8 trillion dollar budget of money we spend it on,” said the Presidential hopeful. “And American taxpayers would be appalled to find out some of the things we’re spending it on.”

Paul’s report includes spending on expansive winemaking programs, 13 thousand dollar treadmills, and many more. Senator Paul doesn’t think taxpayers should let this behavior fly.

“Another one that we were kind of annoyed with was one of the departments sent their employees to learn how to write an email,” said Paul. “And I’m guessing about every five or six year old in the country knows how to send a message on their phone either by text or email…for the government to be paying for an email course sounds a bit ludicrous.”