Ron Paul Explains Libertarian Solution to Pollution 30 Years Ago; Still Rings True Today


Often times it’s commonplace in the course of daily discussion that the libertarian view of ending government agencies and regulation is misconstrued as a support of TOTAL CHAOS!!!   After all, most people including libertarians want the same things.  The difference is that libertarians endorse voluntary non-coercive means of getting there.  It’s important to remind people that  just because you support ending the EPA doesn’t mean you don’t endorse efforts to stop pollution.  Just because you oppose Gun Control doesn’t mean that you support the initiation of force.  Just because you support ending the Welfare State doesn’t mean that you don’t support voluntary charity.  Just because you don’t support universal healthcare doesn’t mean that you want to see sick people not being taken care of. Just because you support ending the US Department of Education doesn’t mean that you oppose education. Just because you don’t support robbing people to build a library doesn’t mean you oppose donating to efforts to build a library.   You might even help build the fucking library.

Here’s a clip of Ron Paul displaying this notion 3o years ago.  Still rings true today.

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