How The Russian Election Hacking Story Impacts The Whistleblower Debate


The Russian Election Hacking witch hunt was featured in the latest House Intelligence Committee hearing, and there was one incredibly important segment that should be on everyone’s mind.

The questions on the surface were how was classified information leaked to the media, who is responsible, and when will they be prosecuted.

The thing to remember here is that while Comey does not want to confirm that this information is classified, what actually hasn’t been confirmed is the validity of the information that was leaked by so-called anonymous government officials in the first place.

We still do not have concrete evidence that the Russian government hacked into the email accounts of DNC officials in order to influence our election.

But the hypocrisy didn’t stop there…

“Surveillance programs that are critical, indispensable, vital to our national security—some of which are up for reauthorization this fall—that save American lives and prevent terrorist attacks, also rises to the level of important,” Gowdy said.

First of all, in addition to having been ruled illegal, the NSA surveillance program has not stopped a single terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Not one.

“I think those programs are vital and leaks of classified information collected pursuant to court order under those programs are terrible,” Comey said.

Second, even if the Russian election hacking claims were true, a government that illegally spies on its citizens without due process, has no room to complain when those citizens turn into whistleblowers.

Edward Snowden summed it up perfectly when he said that if the U.S. wants to stop creating whistleblowers, it should stop breaking the law.

People like Snowden and Chelsea Manning have risked their lives in order to open the eyes of the American people to what is going on behind closed doors. And yet, our new president has referred to both of these whistleblowers as traitors to the United States.

It is important to remember that the war on whistleblowers did not start when Trump took office, and both Snowden and Manning were oppressed by the Obama Administration.

The same president who promised to have the “most transparent administration in history,” actually set records for censorship by sentencing whistleblowers to 10 times the amount of jail time as all former presidents… combined.

Either the Russian election hacking leaks are true, and the U.S. government gives whistleblowers the respect they deserve, or the claims are false, and the government discredits both the leaks and their sources. You can’t have it both ways just because your favorite boogeyman is involved. This isn’t an issue of Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s an issue of liberty vs. tyranny.