I Have Seen The Future, and It Slacks…


Xenophobic Tea-Partiers and Conservatarians are soon going to have to shift their ire from immigrants so-called “stealing” their jobs (hopefully by now we libertarians all know that the jobs actually belong to the entrepreneur that created them, and if the entrepreneur wants to hire an “illegal” then that should be the entrepreneur’s prerogative) to actual robots taking the jobs now. In response to the various demands to raise the minimum wage entrepreneurs have begun hiring robots (e.g., McDonald’s recently installed 7,000 touch screen cashiers) and we know now that cars can drive themselves, so the complexion of industries like trucking, taxis, etc. will begin moving toward robots in lieu of human beings. We are on the verge of an amazing age where everything is done for us by robots but as a result, there will be no jobs. We are on the verge of what I am calling “The Age of Slack”.

Old commie journalist Lincoln Steffens once remarked, “I have seen the future, and it works” but he was wrong. In fact, I have seen the future, and it slacks. Of course, as the founder of the Discordian Libertarian cabal (aka The Libertarian Society of Discordians) I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest the old article by the brilliant libertarian author Robert Anton Wilson entitled, “The RICH Economy”. The lesson here? The future of work will likely be ruled by programmers, entrepreneurs and entertainers so begin preparing for the coming shift toward slack and stop pining for “jobs”. Well at least until the equivalent of SkyNet from the Terminator movies goes live…

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Hailing from parts unknown, N. Nash Cage is a burned out, ex-pat pacifist that has been quietly lurking about libertarians social circles for a while. He is quiet no longer.