Sexual Fantasies, Betrayal – and Revenge!


Question: “At what point is a relationship irreparable and what are the warning signs to indicate so? Are things like cheating, deceit, abandonment, shaming, and manipulation deal breakers? I did all of these to my ex-husband and I feel so much regret over everything I put him through.

My goal is to understand if my relationship with my ex-husband was and is now irreparable romantic-wise. I think it was repairable, but I didn’t focus on him and avoided contact and was very reactive. I continued fantasizing about other guys and trying to get closer to them through talking and flirting.

After stopping that behavior, not the fantasies, but acting on them, I began to be able to feel the love I had for my husband more. It makes me think of how Stefan says love is an involuntary response to virtue, but only if you’re virtuous.”

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