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I have long been warning that the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is as affordable as the Patriot Act is patriotic and as free as the “land of the free”. Such Orwellian language has provided cover for truly disastrous legislation and heinous acts throughout history and Obamacare is no different.

This article may be a departure (and crucially important) from everything else you may have read since in this article I want to share some real voluntary solutions (no coercive “mandates” and no whining or fear-mongering that would have just resulted in a lame-ass Romneycare variant instead). The following methods are great examples of the kind of entrepreneurial thinking (and less legislative ‘thinking’) we need. I have no financial stake in any of these companies, I just think it is important that people know about them. Knowledge is power!


Telemedicine allows you to consult with an M.D for diagnoses, advice, and prescriptions affordably without actually having to go to a physical office!

Ameridoc offers a wonder service called Connect2Docs which bundles telemedicine, medical billing negotiating and prescriptions drug discount services. They have another site that is very user friendly here too.

There are other telemedicine services like this out there too, just use your favorite search engine…


Health Cooperatives operate akin to how mutual aid and fraternal organizations used to fund healthcare a hundred years ago (if you want to learn more about the history read David Beito‘s brilliant book ‘From Mutual Aid to the Welfare State: Fraternal Societies and Social Services, 1890-1967‘. Please note that many of these are faith-based organizations. Here are some modern health co-ops you can look into:

Liberty HealthShare (the most open with regards to religious diversity IMO)

The Health Co-Op (this is part of Samaritan Ministries International)



As an anarchist financial engineer I love financial innovation that makes the state irrelevant, so in addition to the links above be sure to look into these other practical alternatives too:

Medical Auctions

Free Online Fundraising

Medical Loans

Medical Advocates and Bill Negotiators

I hope this gives you a sense of relief, even optimism, and if not, at least gives you firm footing from which you may begin researching your market-based options to Obamacare. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

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