SNL Spoofs Barry’s Immigration Executive Order w/ Updated Schoolhouse Rock


Last night SNL spoofed Barry’s latest Immigration Executive Order.  After kicking a Bill down the steps of Capitol Hill, Barry explains that there is actually an easier way to get things done and introduces the Executive Order.

Barry asks the child “Well son, what do you think about the government now?”  The boy replies “I think I want to go in the private sector.”

I believe immigrants to be an asset. This country was built by immigrants. Immigrants bring supply with their labor and also their own demands. While they’re here working they are participating in the economy just as everyone else.

Regardless of what your personal views on immigration are, there are plenty of reasons to be weary of the use of Presidential Executive Orders that has been made common place by  Obama.  Let’s say for a second that you’re a fervent Democrat and you support the President’s Executive Orders.  Remember in 2016 it might be Jeb Bush pushing Executive Orders.  To quote Penn Jillette:  “The president should have so little power that it doesn’t matter who they are… Instead of having so much power that it doesn’t matter who they are.”

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