South Carolina Man Who Defended Home from DEA No-Knock Raid Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison


COLUMBIA, S.C. — A man who shot and injured a Drug Enforcement Administration agent during an early-morning no-knock raid was sentenced to eight years behind bars on Monday.

This article originally appeared at TRUTHVOICE.

Joel Robinson, 33, was suspected of manufacturing and trafficking illegal narcotics, prompting a surprise home invasion from the DEA. Police say Robinson shot DEA agent Barry Wilson, who participated in the raid.

Robinson claims he was awoken by people he didn’t know were DEA agents, and fired in self-defense. No drugs were found anywhere in Robinson’s house.

John Comer, a DEA agent involved with the investigation, ignored Robinson’s testimony that he was defending his home from intruders, instead using the agent’s injuries in an attempt to sway public opinion in favor of the raiding party.

“The wounding of our agent during the execution of a Federal Search Warrant reinforces the daily dangers law enforcement officers face while conducting narcotics investigations,” said Comer.

Robinson accepted a deal that had him plead guilty to ‘assaulting a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon while the officer is in the performance of his duties.’ Federal Judge Michelle Childs agreed to the plea deal and issued the sentence Monday to a courthouse filled with law enforcement agents and officers.

This article originally appeared at TRUTHVOICE.