The Story of PRL & Huge News for this Upcoming Week


How the fuck did Punk Rock Libertarians come about?!  Well for years, every now and then I would google the term “punk rock libertarians” only to not find much of anything.  It kinda blew my mind.  I’ve always thought that the two ideologies went together like peanut butter and jelly.  Punk is D.I.Y. and you can’t get any more D.I.Y. than libertarianism.

So one day I decided to take matters into my own hands and just make a facebook group.  Punk Rock Libertarians began as facebook group in early 2010.  That initial group grew to about 700 members in like 5 months by people just telling their friends.  Then by about mid 2010 facebook changed the way it was doing things so the Punk Rock Libertarians page was born.

After a few years pass and much effort is spent, and I decided to make in March 2013.  The initial goal of the website was mostly just to make a place where Punk Rock Libertarians could post their thoughts and be read by other Punk Rock Libertarians.  A site where anyone could submit an article!

In June of 2014 I traveled to Porcfest in New Hampshire with a great friend of mine and fellow Baltimoron, John Vibes.  John and I hanging out are kinda like a libertarian ‘Beavis and Butthead’.  It’s always a blast!   John writes for some of my favorite websites including Free Thought Project, Anti-Media & True Activist to name a few.  John has also written some kick ass books on libertarian philosophy.  It was on that trip to NH that I had mentioned to John about maybe doing more with PRL.  John introduced me to many of the ins and outs pertaining to making a successful website.  He really helped us not to reinvent the entire fucking wheel.

By September of 2014 a new Punk Rock Libertarians was born.  A site intended to deliver the news on a daily basis and to reach more minds with the ideas of liberty while still providing a podium for liberty bloggers.

Here we are in January of 2016.  Punk Rock Libertarians has always been an ever changing work with the same goal in mind: to reach others with the ideas of liberty.   The next logical step in the progression is to reach even more minds.  The best idea we’ve come up with is a website name change.  With a name like “Punk Rock Libertarians” you run into some snags.  Two specifically.

The first being that if somebody sees the word ‘libertarian’ in a website title they might not care to click on it.  The second being if somebody sees ‘punk rock’ in a website title they might not care to click on it.  While for me personally I don’t think that there is a better title than Punk Rock Libertarians…  I am not the masses.  If we want to get these ideas out to the most people possible and not just participate in a ideological circle jerk… a name change is probably the best way to do that.

The name that we have decided on is The Daily Liberator (  It’s a more ‘all inclusive’ title.  Whether you’re conservative or liberal, right or left or whatever…  Most people like the idea of ‘liberation’. It’s also a title that coincides with our consistent message of the past 6 years.  The content will not change in any way other than there will be more of it and the context of course will remain the same. The Daily Liberator will go LIVE Tuesday January 26th 2016.  You can find the Daily Liberator’s facebook page here.  The Punk Rock Libertarians podcast will continue as usual.  The Punk Rock Libertarians facebook page isn’t going fucking anywhere. We will continue on as usual. Live free.  Libertarian is D.I.Y.



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Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".