Technology Revolution: Part 2


The evolution of 3D printing will help wrest power away from the mega-corporations and give some power back to the consumer. This will help the ever shrinking middle class from disappearing altogether as they use this technology to produce cheaper goods.

This is all well and good, but there is more to home manufacturing than helping the poor. This technology is also a force to be used against the gun grabbing politicians at the federal level. See, there are organizations right now that are creating downloadable blueprints for weapons to be made with a 3D printer. Not only is this an amazing innovation, but it helps protect our right to defend ourselves. It is going to be hard for the state to make laws regulating guns when someone can just print one off at home.

If you listened to the media and leftist politicians in December, than you would have assumed that guns forced a 20-year-old to open fire in an elementary. Since then several bills have been suggested to curtail things such as magazine capacity. The president, in his infinite wisdom, has been traveling to places like Colorado to stump for gun regulations. It would seem, among the political elite at least, support for gun control is on the rise.

How can the people defend their rights against such a backlash?

Defense Distributed is an online, open source organization dedicated to developing such blueprints and publishing them on the World Wide Web. From their Web site, you can access all of the plans for defense related items – magazines for AR-15s, working silencers, grenade shells, grips and receivers. Everything available to download at a click of a mouse.

The organization recently fired over 600 rounds from a printed AR-15 receiver and has created the first printed magazine for an AK47. Dubbed the Feinstein Magazine, a tongue in cheek jab at the senator of the same name, it has already been put up for download.

All of these plans are posted on the site for free. There is no silly sign up or terms of agreement, just download and print.

We can’t press a button on a 3D printer and expect a fully operational Glock to pop out, but we are well on our way. This helps to prevent governments from regulating things like magazine capacity. It also helps to protect our rights under the second amendment and our right to defend ourselves.

The revolution may not be televised, but it will be printed.

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