Thank God For The Electoral College*



This has become the rallying cry for many sore losers who supported Hillary Clinton in this year’s Presidential election. Their argument is that Trump’s claim on the Presidency is illegitimate because Hillary beat him in the popular vote, an argument based on Constitutional ignorance.

Other, less obtuse, Democrats acknowledge that Trump won according to the laws governing this country, but then go on to whine that the Electoral College voting system subverts the will of the people.

But did the second worst Presidential candidate in US history really lose the popular vote? And does the Electoral College really ignore the will of the people?

My answer is NO on both counts.

Yes, technically Trump lost the popular vote. He only got 62,979,636 to Hillary’s 65,844,610 (source is, meaning that Hillary “won” by 2,864,974.

But if you dig a little into the numbers you will discover something disturbing. Hillary didn’t gather together her margin of victory across a broad spectrum of the country. It wasn’t even because she decisively kicked Trump’s baboon-orange butt in a minor number of states.

It was because she crushed him in ONE (1) state.


Hillary won La-la Land by 4,269,978 votes, almost doubling the number Trump received. If you subtract California and total up the votes from the other 49 states, Trump comes out ahead in the popular vote by 1,405,004.

Trump didn’t lose the US popular vote. He lost the California vote by a wide enough margin to make it look like he lost the national vote.

And this is why the Electoral College does NOT subvert the will of the people. California is only 12% of the US population. Californians gave the ruddy-faced demagogue a resounding NO. But 88% of Americans decided they prefer his blathering to Hillary’s lying and corruption.

Without the Electoral College the citizens of 49 other states would have been stuck with the decision made by Californians. In fact, this would almost always be the outcome of every national election.

Without the Electoral College to save us, every Presidential election would come down to this – what California wants, California gets … and screw the rest of you.

(You may find a copy of the vote count spreadsheet here. It has been modified from the original spreadsheet found at for the sake of clarity but no numbers have been changed.)

*Feel free to insert your preferred mythical deity into the article title. I just went with the one used by most Americans.

Wayne Middlesteadt is the author of Five Ways to Beat the Market and The Golden Age of Distance Running.

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