The Decentralization of Thought


For many years, the common man was educated/conditioned in government schools.   He was spoon fed two common points of view differing ever so slightly to the left and right of each other by a handful of State controlled/censored media outlets. A human farm devoid of question for a system whose victims stretch the length of the entire planet.

In 2013, we the people, now more than ever, have the power to evolve past draconian statist semantics. Loaded speeches of patriotism calling for blind obedience and duty lacking foremost in any sort of rational idea. Ideologies that have long since run their crash course through history, time and time again. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twiitter, blogs, etc… are making the decentralization of thought possible and free thought a reality.

Disbelief in the system is at a rampant all time high and ever expanding. More people everyday are referring to themselves as “independents” rather than associating themselves with either of the two political parties, whose actions almost always seem to fall disappointingly short of their words. Why call on government to fix problems that in most cases government caused in the first place?

Most people understand that monopolies tend to never render the best or even tolerable results. Most Americans feel differently about war, marriage equality, the drug war, the Patriot Act and an audit of the Federal Reserve than those who are in power. There is a definite ever expanding disconnect between the American people and our “elected officials”. Most people are socially liberal and economically conservative. I firmly believe that most people are libertarian and just don’t know it yet.

Conversely, technology is a double edged sword also being used by the State to snoop on the populous on a larger scale then ever before. However, the pros of this technological age definitely outweigh the cons. This is coming from a regular dude who started a Facebook page that has grown up to 40k plus “likes” in under three years. Four years ago, it was just me drunken rambling in a bar to a handful of people.  I was spreading dissent none the less, but the point is that technology provides a huge fucking podium for those who are so inclined.

Make no mistake about it, a grass roots, bottom up, idealogical revolution is here and on the rise. Principles of voluntaryism abound, centered behind a belief that any initiation of force is morally wrong whether that force is initiated by a man or a government.

About Author

Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".