The Greatest Threat to American Values


It has been nearly a year that I have hosted, written and maintained The Evolving Narrative.  It has been a labor of love and, much to my regret, consistently a very small voice among the many which fill your Facebook, Twitter and WordPress feeds.

I have done this because I firmly believe that the dissimilarity between liberal and conservative values is completely false and generated by the media. In thisNarrative Construction I will outline the similarities between conservative and liberal ideals and contrast them to the ideals of Americans. I hope to convince you, my faithful readers, that the true schism is between Americans and their representatives.

Part of what has inspired this article is the decision of a family member of mine to join the Army Reserves. We are proud of him and honored to be members of his family. His immediate family and mine do not always see eye to eye politically but the love is always there.  I must confess, my second thought after ‘He’s really grown up’ was ‘I really hope Clinton doesn’t win the Presidency.’ I say this because Clinton, like many other politicians on the left and right, is a war profiteer. What does that mean? It means she stands to gain, monetarily and politically, from further conflict overseas and the amped up fear propagated throughout the United States media. This also means that when politicians, like Hilary Clinton, deploy rhetoric that spreads fear or that generates attention they do so for personal gain, not in the interest of you, me or our family members.

Creating Difference

This difference we see between the two established parties is a false one. Members on both sides of the isle collect massive sums of money from companies who produce weapons, receive military contracts and need U.S. protection overseas to continue their operations. This money, outside of the politicians it has already bought, is spent in the hopes that Americans will remain divided and thus in a perpetual state of war with each other and those abroad.  Further conflicts and sustained levels of fear are dependable campaign contributions for those who participate in this military industrial complex. The difference that has been crafted is entirely for the political gain of those who already have influence in politics.

From the right we hear criticisms of the left suggesting that Democrats – thus liberals – would foster countries which promote terrorism and oppression the world over. They criticize them for a loss of American culture and value. Conservative voters believe that a vote to cut military spending means weaker tanks, fewer flack jackets and inferior response potential. As a result of the fear this sales pitch generates, sentiments of anger toward those who vote differently are created and eliminate the common ground which would unite voters in a demand for change. The value of these voters is to keep America safe and their children safe.


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We see similar falsehoods perpetuated by the left. Democratic politicians are constantly flinging criticisms of unnecessary conflict at the right. Democrats like to suggest that the right is the “warmonger” party when, in reality, blue and red like to spill the blood of other families equally. They both stand to gain from the current status quo and both parties have consistently voted for conflicts which, history suggest, should have been avoided. Thus, liberal voters believe in cutting military budget in order to keep their loved ones from unnecessary conflict.  Avoiding necessary conflict keeps our soldiers at home to deploy their skills and defend us here.

The “American value” is to keep Liberty, American interest and, most importantly, Americans safe to be inherited by the next generation.

The False Dichotomy

All of the bickering between foreign policy is done to create the facade of ideological difference. If mothers will not vote together because they believe being a mother isn’t enough to want to protect all children, then no politician must meet the demands of parents that their children be protected. Instead the arguments can remain in the bogged down rhetoric of methodology. The argument is presented as an utter gridlock based in fundamental ideology; Americans flail helplessly against one another over issues they all agree need to be solved. As tempers flare and insults are thrown the sentiment of unresolvable difference is fostered, allowing war profiteers continued reign.

wordle_values2From this falsehood comes the false dichotomy. The prospect that one politician or another would be more concerned with our civilians safety is the lie which is needed to create the illusion of choice. So long as the option of electing the same powers to carry on the same policy remains the only choice, the war profiteers, and the military industrial complex of which they are a part, will remain unchecked by public outcry.

The “American values” which people claim to represent are, in reality, political methodologies. The American value of protecting our children is ignored in exchange for media headlines and feigned political outrage. Americans believe in protecting Americans. Americans believe in revolution. Americans believe in promoting freedom over tyranny. Americans believe in education, civil liberty and opportunity. Most importantly Americans believe, fundamentally, that the government must be comprised of voices which accurately represent public interest over private interest. We believe in a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

America vs. Americans

What all this means is that Americans, while constantly pitted against one another, are, in reality, in a desperate struggling against the manifold of government which wishes to sacrifice our bravest, brightest and most inspiring people. America against Americans means that the methodologies of securing our nation’s and children’s safety through policy is a goal which unites us against those who would see us in perpetual war. Americans are becoming increasingly distrustful of government while it has increasingly gained control over our lives. Americans want a malleable republic democracy which echoes its many voices.

Sommer 1932 im Mecklenburgerland. Hitlers getreue S.A. lässt es sich nicht nehmen, zu den bevorstehenden Reichstagswahlen alle Kräfte für den Wahlfang einzuspannen und auch den kleinsten Bauernhof für den Stimmenfang reif zu machen.

Sommer 1932 im Mecklenburgerland. Hitlers getreue S.A. lässt es sich nicht nehmen, zu den bevorstehenden Reichstagswahlen alle Kräfte für den Wahlfang einzuspannen und auch den kleinsten Bauernhof für den Stimmenfang reif zu machen.

Americans believe, together, that opposing Hitler during World War 2 was the right thing to do. It protected America from the threat of Japan and NAZI Germany, it protected American allies from oppression and injustice, and it maintained an American ethical standard which we ALL (alright, almost all) still believe in. Americans are not, as the media would like to portray, more divided than ever. Radicals are promoted to the front cover for profits not public interest. Americans are united in their hope for their children, grandchildren and country to continue on so long as our values of freedom prevail. The illusion of political gridlock is promoted to seed sentiments of futility, not hope.

Clinton or Bush, Cruz or O’malley, make no mistake they will make no change to the status quo set by Washington. All are part of a societal elite that is indifferent to their method of profit. They are all, by process of our great country, simply forced to pander to us for votes. Often resorting to a religious or ethical appeal, politicians scramble to convince swing voters that compromise is not an option and to convince straight ticket voters to keep their eyes on their side of the fence. This is a truly unamerican value. We compromise daily. We work together and learn together and love together daily. The media spin which has led to the elimination of serious representation in politics – extending beyond federal and state governance – is the greatest threat to American freedom and ideology. It threatens to remove our choice and our voice. It will, if unchecked, inevitably result in the same insanity which has bogged down our political process.

Make it a point to find the common value with those whom you do not see eye to eye. Find the love which fuels the passion news outlets have profited from. Acknowledge the pride in your country and your fellow countrymen and protest together the horrible lack of concern these politicians have had with addressing issues which truly matter.  Shout down the voices which seek to antagonize and create division instead of provoking critical evaluation.

Maintain American values through compromise in methodology.  Do not compromise American values to in order to maintain methodology.

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