This Week’s Assault On Liberty: February 22, 2016


Some quick notes, questions, and random thoughts about the news from this past week.

How retarded are the Republicans? Seriously, are they being led by a 12 year-old dunce? Antonin Scalia had barely begun to smell before Republican Senators and Presidential candidates started bellowing that Obama should NOT perform his Constitutional Presidential duty and nominate a new Supreme Court Justice. Why? Because it’s not faaaaiiirrrr! (The last sentence should be read with your mental whiny voice.) Then they went a step further and said the Senate won’t even consider anyone Obama nominates should he dare commit such a dastardly offense against the American people.

Hey Stupid Party – it’s Obama’s job to nominate a new Justice! And it’s the Senate’s job to hold confirmation hearings and then vote on whether or not the nominee will be confirmed. Do your damn job and stop acting like children!

Oh, and speaking of doing your job – weren’t you guys given control of the House and Senate so that you’d get rid of Obamacare? It’s been 3 years, WHAT’S THE HOLD-UP?!

Next topic – Apple screwed up bigtime. First of all, the owner of Syed Farook’s cell phone wasn’t Syed Farook, it’s the city of San Bernadino. San Bernadino wants to get access to the phone so this actually isn’t a privacy issue as Tim Cook is trying to frame it. Second, we are talking about an engineering problem and as with most engineering problems there is more than one solution. Apple is trying to claim that if they decrypt the key to this phone it means they will have to create a program that will decrypt ALL iPhones and hand it over to the government. That’s not true, even John McAfee said so.

Instead of using this as an opportunity to try to make the FBI look like bullying morons (which they are), Apple should have turned this into an opportunity to make a quick $10 million. Cook should have told the feds, “Sure, we’ll unlock the phone. But we don’t have the personnel to do that so we’ll have to hire some hackers. And we will only unlock this one phone. And it will be done completely within Apple. And we will destroy any software created when we are done. And it might take a couple of years. And we want $10 million for doing it. So just hand over the phone and we’ll get started.” End of discussion.

Before I dive into this next item let me make something clear – until I quit the cult, I was Catholic. I went through the entire indoctrination process from Baptism to First Communion and Confirmation. I moped my way through Mass every Sunday (until I found out Altar Boys got a sip of wine during Mass then I looked forward to it), was dragged kicking and screaming to Sunday School, and attended Catholic School – complete with a ruler wielding nun – for four years. Even after I quit the cult I went to the trouble of having my first marriage annulled and attended premarital counseling before having a Catholic wedding with my awesome wife, just to make her devoutly Catholic family happy. In other words, I know how Catholicism works.

So what is the deal with this Pope? One of the pain-in-the-butt features of being Catholic is that you are NOT supposed to use birth control … ever. Why? Because if you do then you are thwarting the will of God and God wants you to have babies and make more Catholics dammit! But this week Pope Frank came out and said you can use birth control if you think you might catch Zika virus and have a baby with an abnormally small hat size. Huh?

Wait a minute. The only reason I can use birth control is for a scientifically dubious reason? But doesn’t God want his pinheaded babies too? Won’t I be thwarting the will of the All-Mighty and guaranteeing myself a layover in purgatory? This doesn’t make any sense. Then again, if you think about it, the whole birth control ban is illogical. If God is all-powerful, which is what I was taught during my childhood brainwashing, then he isn’t going to let a latex membrane swaddling your gentleman sausage keep him from getting another Catholic. Birth control or no birth control, that microcephallic soldier of the church is coming out. I think Pope Frank needs a few more trips to Sunday school.

And a few more quick items:

We bombed Libya again. Among the 40 people killed, people who have never done anything to the US, were two Serbian government officials who had been kidnapped by ISIS. The attack took place in a residential area. Obama seems to think it’s OK to kill anyone he wants.

Hillary Clinton has 445 “super-delegates” to Bernie Sander’s 23. Does anyone think the Democratic nomination process hasn’t been rigged to nominate the most corrupt person to ever wear a pantsuit? Bernie should run as an independent once he gets screwed.

The Republican controlled Virginia legislature is considering a bill that would make all information about police officers, including their names, a secret. It has already passed the State Senate. Hey Virginia, why are you being so secretive? If the police aren’t doing anything wrong then they have nothing to worry about, right?

As the year progresses I will keep a running tally of the number of unarmed citizens and dogs killed by police. I will also keep tabs on the number of cops killed in the line of duty.

Here’s the count for the first 7 weeks of the year along with links to the most recent killings:

Unarmed Americans killed by police: 8

Dogs killed by police: 6

Family Dog Shot by Constable Deputy

Police killed in the line of duty: 9

Loved Ones, Officials Honor Fallen Agent

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