This Week’s Assault On Liberty: March 21, 2016


Some quick notes, questions, and random thoughts about the news from this past week.

This week President Obama performed his Constitutional duty to nominate a Supreme Court Justice to replace Antonin Scalia. Merrick Garland, the Chief Justice for the D.C. Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals, is probably the closest the Republicans will get to a nominee that they like from the current President. While there is speculation that he is not a fan of gun rights, Garland is definitely a supporter of the police/security state the Republicans erected after 9/11.

Which makes the Republican stance on the nomination even more amazing. Maintaining their fictitious position that it’s un-Constitutional for a President to nominate a justice during his last year in office, Republican Senate leaders are still refusing to do the job assigned them and hold hearings and a confirmation vote. Why? Because “this nomination ought to be made by the next president”, according to Mitch McConnell.

What idiots! The next President is almost certain to be either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, with Hillary having a big edge according to Do the Republicans really think they’re going to get a better nominee from either of these maniacs? How does Supreme Court Justice Bill Clinton grab you? Or possibly Justice Rodman (as in Dennis)?

Senate Republicans, quit trying to screw the American people and do your job!

At the beginning of February the Obama administration gleefully announced that 12.7 million people signed up for health insurance through the exchanges, exceeding the government’s goal. Woo hoo! See? Fining people for not buying insurance works!

This week it came out that the 12.7 million is a BS number – Surprise! Surprise!

As of December 31, 2015, only 8.8 million people had actually paid for insurance. This number is down 0.5 million from the 9.3 million who were paying in September. And of the people who are paying their premiums, 84% are getting financial assistance from you, the taxpayers.

It turns out that Obamacare insurance is so expensive and so hard to use that even forcing people to pay a fine won’t make them buy this crap.

As far as government interference with marriage, Alabama might actually make it easier for you to marry the person you love, although the state is doing it by accident. Apparently a few super-Christian probate judges have been refusing to issue ANY marriage licenses to avoid issuing licenses to homosexuals (church lady voice). Thus there were pockets of the state where nobody could get married. To fix this, the state senate passed a bill this week removing the requirement that a probate judge issue the license. Assuming the bill passes the house, all a couple would have to do is fill out a marriage license and then file it at the county courthouse. No longer will you need the permission of the state of Alabama to get married! Unfortunately the license only has two lines for names, so they haven’t yet made it possible for Adam, Eve, and Steve (or Stephanie) to legally hook-up, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore wants to call the North Carolina legislature into an emergency special session. Is it because the state is going bankrupt? No. Is it because they need to fix the tortured Congressional district map? No. Do they need to impeach someone? No.

It’s because women who began life as men will soon be able to use the ladies’ restroom at businesses in Charlotte. This is what is considered to be a crisis in the Bible belt.

The Republicans are convinced that if Caitlyn Jenner is allowed to use the women’s bathroom at the Charlotte airport then the city will have an epidemic of men dressing as women so they can rape little girls in the toilet. So they want to pass a state law to force Caitlyn to use the men’s room, and they need to do it immediately! Rape, assault, and kidnapping are already crimes in North Carolina, so what could this new law possibly achieve? Do these meddlesome Republicans plan to hire bathroom police to monitor every ladies’ room in the state? “I’m sorry ma’am but I need to see your vagina before you can go to the bathroom.”

Way to go you morons, let’s create criminals where none existed before.

As the year progresses I will keep a running tally of the number of unarmed citizens and dogs killed by police. I will also keep tabs on the number of cops killed in the line of duty.

Here’s the count for the first 11 weeks of the year along with links to the most recent killings:

Unarmed Americans killed by police: 13

Dogs killed by police: 12

Okaloosa Deputy Fatally Shoots Family’s Dog

Woman Wants to Know Why KC Police Shot Her Dog During Raid

Family Wants Justice After Deputy Shoots, Kills Pet Pit Bull

Police intentionally killed in the line of duty: 14

Indiana Deputy Killed, Another Injured While Serving Warrant

South Carolina Police Officer Killed While Chasing Gang Member

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