Some Thoughts About “Blowback” On The Anniversary Of 9/11


All day, I’ve seen “never forget”. And, of course, this is important to never forget the innocent lives that were lost 13 years ago in the World Trade Towers. But it’s also important to honor their memories by taking steps to minimize the risk of such a terrible tragedy happening to innocent people again.

When some people hear the word “blowback”, they become very upset.

“How can you blame America,” they ask, “for what happened on 9/11?”

To this I say, of COURSE it is NOT the victims’ fault. To my knowledge, none of the victims attacked anyone in the Middle East. Even if the terrorists were justifiably upset about something, they reacted in a completely UNACCEPTABLE way against ENTIRELY the wrong people. But still, can you understand why they were upset in the first place?

It’s because, for decades, the U.S. military has meddled in their affairs and killed countless numbers of their friends and family members. Does that mean it’s okay for them to retaliate by killing thousands of innocent people in the U.S.? Of course not. But would they have done it if the U.S. military had not meddled in their affairs? Probably not.

Let’s look at it a bit differently… If you went to your neighbor’s house and killed his wife and his family, would your neighbor be justified if he came over to your house the next day and killed YOUR entire family? Of course not. (Not only is he punishing the wrong people, but he’s also taking a course of action that is violent and accomplishes nothing, other than satisfying his sense of revenge.) But would your neighbor have done it if you hadn’t attacked first? Probably not.

The bottom line is this: The U.S. military (or ANY military) meddling in the affairs of other nations is wrong. Even if nobody is upset and nobody retaliates, it’s still wrong. And when terrorists retaliate against innocents, they are ALSO wrong. But this entire cycle could be avoided if either party were to just examine what they’re doing, and stop doing it.

This is the real way to minimize the risk of losing more innocent lives. And this is the real way to honor those innocents whose lives were lost – by working to prevent future tragedies that could be avoided.

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