Tim Allen: ‘I’m Really an Anarchist. I Don’t Like Anybody Telling Me What to Do’


Last Man Standing star Tim Allen appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly Files Monday to discuss Hollywood’s reaction to the recent election results. More than 20 celebrities previously vowed to leave the country if Trump was elected, and since the election, liberal Hollywood has grown even more vocal about their aversion to the real estate mogul turned president-elect.

By;  Josie Wales

This article first appeared at ANTIMEDIA

“What I find odd in Hollywood is that they didn’t like Trump because he was a bully. But if you had any kind of inkling that you were for Trump, you got bullied for doing that. And it gets a little bit hypocritical to me,” the comedian told host Megyn Kelly.

Despite the actor’s likening of Trump to a “Greek tyrant” when he spoke to Fox last January, Kelly asked Allen how he’s surviving in Hollywood as someone who’s “outed himself as open to Trump’s ideas.” Allen told her, “I’m really an anarchist. That’s how I look at it. I don’t like anybody telling me what to do, period.”

Unsatisfied with his answer, Kelly pushed harder, to which Allen replied,“Believe me, I’ve had these — they’re not even discussions. You get bullied into a position. I don’t want to defend the guy, he’s said stupid stuff.”

Tim Allen is yet another smart man to join the ranks of celebrity anarchists and libertarians fed up with the American system of subjugation.

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