Tom Woods and Michael Malice Debate Alexander Hamilton in NYC


Tom Woods and Michael Malice square off in an Oxford-style debate in New York City. Click “SHOW MORE” below for the results.

The resolution was: “Alexander Hamilton was a hero for the cause of liberty.” Malice argued in the affirmative; Woods argued in the negative. Woods was the winner.

When the audience was polled before the debate, the numbers were:

16% for the resolution;
41% against;
43% undecided.

After the debate, the numbers were:

26% for the resolution;
66% against;
8% undecided.

The debate took place under the auspices of the Junto, a largely Objectivist organization that sponsors Oxford-style debates on subjects pertaining to liberty:

2:38 – Michael Malice opening remarks
18:03 – Tom Woods opening remarks
34:23 – Michael Malice rebuttal
41:52 – Tom Woods rebuttal
48:03 – Q & A
1:21:42 – Michael Malice closing remarks
1:23:10 – Tom Woods closing remarks

View the hilarious slides that were running in the background of Michael Malice’s opening statement:…

The debate was filmed and edited by John F King; you can reach him for videography services at

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