The Truth About Ted Cruz



0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – Family/Personal Details
4:15 – Immigration
13:44 – Syrian Refugees
16:56 – Deportation
19:55 – Natural Born Citizen
27:53 – Financial Backing
36:03 – Undisclosed Loans
45:32 – American Sovereignty
48:07 – Ethanol
54:53 – Political Cartoon Featuring His Daughters
56:58 – Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
1:04:33 – Second Amendment
1:06:58 – Support of Chief Justice John Roberts
1:11:15 – Federal Stimulus Spending
1:13:02 – Birthright Citizenship
1:16:16 – Crop Insurance Vote
1:17:57 – Edward Snowden and the NSA
1:19:59 – Tort Reform
1:21:51 – New York Values vs. Texas Values
1:24:50 – Federal Reserve
1:25:17 – Paid Family Leave
1:25:28 – Gay Marriage
1:25:58 – Climate Change
1:26:25 – Syrian War
1:27:25 – Heidi Cruz’s Depression
1:28:00 – Common Core
1:28:45 – Iran Deal
1:30:13 – Marijuana Legalization
1:31:09 – Abortion
1:31:28 – Death Penalty

Senator Ted Cruz is a leading Republican candidate for President of the United States in 2016.

As a graduate of both Princeton University and Harvard Law School, Cruz has an extensive background in constitutional law – previously working for the United States Department of Justice and as Texas Solicitor General. Cruz also served as a domestic policy adviser to President George W. Bush and was an adjunct professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin – teaching U.S. Supreme Court litigation.

The son of a Cuban refugee who fled persecution and belonging to a family brought back together through religion – Cruz ran for Senate as part of the Tea Party movement, threatening to fight back against the Washington Cartel, Wall Street corruption and banks that were too big to fail.

As Cruz battled Donald Trump and Marco Rubio for support, he’s faced several controversies around Presidential eligibility, Immigration, Syrian Refugees, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and undisclosed loans from both Goldman Sachs and Citibank.

Politics can be a dirty game – but what is the Truth About Ted Cruz?

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