Two Connecticut LP Candidates Retain Ballot Access For Their Seats


Two Connecticut LP candidates, Dan Reale and Richard Lion, retained ballot access for a US House seat and for a state house seat due to votes they received in their respective races.

@ Libertarian Party

In Connecticut, a political party is recognized if it has at least 20% of the registered political party voters, or if the party’s gubernatorial candidate gets 20%.

If a party isn’t recognized, the party can appear on the ballot for any specific partisan race in the next election for that seat if a candidate receives 1%.

Dan Reale obtained 1.1% in his race for the US House of Representatives 2nd district, and Richard Lion received 14% in the election for the state House of Representatives in the 9th district. Mr. Reale had also run for the 2nd congressional seat in 2012 and got 1.2%, thereby garnering ballot access for the office this year.

In addition, the LPCT will have ballot access in 2016 for the US Senate seat, as Paul Passarelli received 1.7% in 2012. There was no race for US Senate in the state this year.

2012 LP Presidential candidate Gary Johnson got 0.8% of the vote in Connecticut, just missing the 1% ballot access threshold, and the party will have to petition to get the 2016 LP Presidential candidate on the ballot in the state.

This article originally appeared at  Libertarian Party