W.W.J.D? / U.S. Intervention Policies Have Purged Christians from the Middle East


The U.S. mainstream media does not discuss how U.S. intervention policies have purged Christians from the Middle East.  At the same time the U.S. ‘Religious Right’ has for the most part stood ‘Pro War’.  85% percent of Americans still identify themselves as ‘Christian’.  Maybe if the mainstream media did their job and disclosed the end results of our interventions, more Christians would oppose interventions, empire building & the military industrial complex.

Sen. Richard Black (R-Va.) has thrown his support behind the Syrian government and its army for its protection of Christian minorities during the country’s civil war, while also condemning America’s policies in aligning itself with the rebel fighters in the region. RT’s Ben Swann has an exclusive interview with the senator and goes deeper into his letter to Syrian President Bashar Assad. He cautions that should Assad be kicked out, the rest of the region would fall to the Islamic State.