U.S. Military Using Giant Blimp To Surveil Movements Of Maryland Residents


Residents of Baltimore suburbs are currently creeped the fuck out…

The U.S. Army claims that the purpose of the blimp is to protect major cities along the east coast from cruise missiles and large drones.  Similar blimps have been used near the Mexican border to detect smugglers.  The U.S. Army insists that the blimp is not intended for surveillance however Ginger McCall from the Electronic Privacy Information Center has obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Act that say the secondary purpose of the blimp is to track and surveil surface moving targets.  Just another case of government pissing on your leg and telling you it’s raining.

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Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".