Uber Wars: How D.C. Tried to Kill a Great New Ride Technology


The on-demand car service Uber is one of the most inventive transportation technologies of the new century. In over 20 countries – and two dozen U.S. cities – Uber uses a smartphone app to connect people who need rides with drivers of a range of vehicles from luxury towncars to regular taxis.

Like most powerful innovations, Uber disrupts the status quo by competing with established business interests. In Washington, D.C., the service was an instant hit with city residents – and almost as quickly found itself at odds with D.C.’s powerful taxi lobby and its allies on the city council.

The result was the Uber Wars, which ended in a striking victory for the company and its customers.

About 10 minutes.

Written and directed by Rob Montz (follow him on Twitter @robmontz) and executive produced by William Beutler at Beutler Ink (@BeutlerInk). For more information and inquiries, email TheUberWars@gmail.com