UFOs and the State: The Case for Unidentified Government Objects (UGOs)


For what it is worth, I just had my very first bonafide UFO experience while driving past the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah last night. Without exception, it was one of the creepiest experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life.

It happened just about 60 – 90 miles or so west of the Dugway Proving Ground (U.S. army facility) and Hill Airforce Base on the south side of the I-80 at approximately 9:30pm. Six of us (four adults, two children) were in a rental Chrysler Town and Country heading toward Salt Lake City. I was driving and my wife was in the passenger seat. Suddenly she pointed out ahead and said, “UFO!”

I thought she was joking and I knee-jerk told her it was probably just an airplane. However as we got closer I realized that the thing wasn’t moving at all, it was just floating there about 100 yards out and about the same distance up at a 45 degree angle from where we were. As we approached, we could make out three off-white circular lights that created a triangle shape.

All of us in the van saw this exact same thing. Now, I could probably come up with some naturalistic rationalization for all this so far, but as we passed it (which was the closest we would physically get to it) the windshield wipers turned on and all the dashboard warning lights came on (including the check engine light with accompanying “ding”). They stayed on like this for at least 5 or 10 seconds then all turned off again, automatically.

Everyone in the car was absolutely dumbfounded and pretty freaked out. Having never seen a ghost, Bigfoot, Nessie or chupacabra myself, this was perhaps the most unexplainable shit to have ever happened to me to date.

Here is a photo my wife tried to take of the UFO with her cell phone.

Here is a photo my wife tried to take of the UFO with her cell phone.

It was equal parts exciting and scary and afterward the hair on my arm stood up for a half hour at least. I don’t know what it was but all six of us witnessed it, and we managed to get this lame photo. So now I can say that I’ve seen a UFO (or I was the subject of the greatest prank pulled on me, ever).

When we finally arrived home, my mind was racing as if I had just mainlined a Big Gulp full of Mountain Dew. I franticly began looking up stuff online. When I googled “UFO Dugway Utah” and clicked on google images I saw this, which is definitely similar to what I saw:


They are referred to by UFOlogists as “Black Triangles”. My thoughts immediately went to esoteric military tech. I mean, sure maybe it was aliens but as a libertarian I am sure you’ll understand my gut reaction seemed to be suspicious of our government first. Being this close to Dugway and Hill Airforce Base, it seems more likely it was some sort of drone with maybe a weird electromagnetic propulsion prototype or some EMP deterrent? Really, the wipers and warning lights turning on and off on their own was straight out of a close encounter movie. My only issue with it being secret military tech is why would they do experiments that close to the I-80 and have civilian witnesses?

And this isn’t the only weird experience my wife and I have had in this same geographical area. The first one happened a few years back when my wife was on a party bus to the casinos in Wendover. As the bus drove past the Salt Flats, everyone onboard saw some weird looking blimps. Now, I had been telling my wife about the new (at the time) surveillance blimps in Utah being flown by the government so, since I was home with the kids, she took out her camera to take a video so she could show me later. Here’s the weird part; these blimps, which they could all see with their naked eyes, were not showing up on the video. They had some weird cloaking technology or something. My wife posted the video to youtube if you want to watch it. Make sure you have the volume up so you can hear the strangest part of the video; you can’t see the blimps but you can hear the passengers baffled by the discrepancy between what they could see with the naked eye vs. what was registering onscreen:

Perhaps we libertarians can find common ground with the Fox and Mulder types out there already searching for UFOs by pitching in and searching for UGOs (Unidentified Government Objects)? May you live long and prosper. Shazbot!

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