The UN To US Potsmokers: You Can’t Smoke That


Neither your state nor your country is sovereign.  In fact the only thing that can legitimately be sovereign is yourself, but let’s save that nugget of wisdom for another day.

By Jeff Berwick @ The Dollar Vigiliante

That aside, the United Nations (UN) was setup in the wake of World War II. The first iteration of a global governance tool was proposed in the wake of World War I, as the League of Nations, but the US rejected it.

The UN was setup after the elites created another world war, World War II, to push global governance forward and since its inception in the late forties it has consolidated increasing amounts of power. Many people discuss how it represents a one world government. This argument has only grown stronger as the UN has weighed in on marijuana trends in the US, telling the US to back away from marijuana legalization.

The legalization of marijuana by some US states is not in line with international drug conventions,  according to the  communist UN anti-narcotics chief.  He said he would be addressing the issue in Washington next week, underscoring the lack of true sovereignty in the US.

Although residents of Oregon, Alaska, Washington and Colorado have voted to allow the use of marijuana, the UN believes its will is most important, regardless of how voters feel. They are too dumb to know what’s best for themselves, anyway, right UN?

“I don’t see how (the new laws) can be compatible with existing conventions,” Yury Fedotov, the Russian executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), told reporters.

Fedotov said he would be raising the problem next week with the US State Department and other UN agencies. Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Colorado: You’re in big, big trouble…

Earlier this month Oregon and Alaska would legalize recreational cannabis use and bring in a network of shops similar to those operating in Washington state and Colorado, which voted in 2012 to become the first US states to allow marijuana use for fun. Marijuana is still an illegal narcotic under federal law.

Uruguay’s parliament approved in late 2013 a bill to legalize and regulate the production and sale of marijuana, making it the first country to do so.

The INCB said Uruguay’s new bill was in violation of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which limits the use of cannabis to medical and scientific purposes because of its dependence-producing potential.

Last month a senior State Department official called for a “flexible interpretation” of UN drug policies. “Things have changed since 1961,” Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield said.

The UN is assuming it has the power to control millions (and perhaps billions) of people’s personal lives, in what is a frightening precedent by the criminal international agency.


Here at TDV we have the five Killer B’s.  Bullion, bitcoin, bullets, bud and being… The fascistic UN is violently trying to control all of them but for now two B’s are in their despicable, sociopathic scopes.

It is not only global marijuana use the UN wishes to control, but also ammo use.

A UN agency proposed a ban on lead ammunition worldwide, “which would serve as backdoor gun control by making ammo prohibitively expensive.”

We are all for gun control if it is limited to the government, military and police… but I digress.

The UN reportedly argues that “voluntary approaches to restricting the use of lead ammunition” do not work on a national level and so the international agency proposes a ban, but for a ban to work a “range of societal issues” would need to be addressed, such as “philosophical issues regarding gun rights and increased government oversight of shooting.” What they mean is, “Those Americans love their guns, what choices do we have to make them accept our will?”

Historically, “increased government oversight of shooting” leads to millions of murders.

The UN of course says their desired restriction of ammo has nothing to do with human freedom. It’s for the migratory birds…

“With respect to lead ammunition, the most effective way of reducing risks to migratory birds is to create legislative processes to restrict sale, possession and/or use of lead ammunition to ensure lead ammunition is not left unretrieved within the environment.”


Whether you’re in the “free state” New Hampshire or Communist Kalifornia, your state is not free. Far from it. We can look out west and at marijuana legalization to drive this point home.

The federal government owns approximately 640 million acres of land throughout the country, much of it in the West where Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, the states which have legalized marijuana, are located.

The federal government controls 54.96 percent of all land in the places where marijuana has been made legal. This means, even where marijuana is legal, the federal government is extorting (ticketing) and kidnapping (arresting) people for possessing what their state has determined to be legal.

“It’s exceptionally confusing,” said Karen Strand who was ticketed in Olympic National Park in Washington State for possessing a small amount of marijuana.


While in this case I don’t think the UN is going to have any success turning back marijuana legalization in the US, the precedent is irritating. That the UN meddles in such trite affairs in the US only means that, when it comes to bigger political and philosophical issues, the UN will intervene.

It’s all for our own safety, of course.

That means any large-scale social and political movements in the US, that the UN does not approve, will be undermined by unelected plenipotentiaries sitting in the world bodies. Global government is here, and the UN’s stance on marijuana legalization is just a small taste.

For those who consider themselves “patriots” in the US this should rustle your jimmies.  If it doesn’t, you are already fast asleep.

But, as I said, the UN won’t be changing the tide in the US. Legal marijuana is here, and after that there will be millions of new products for people to buy and sell in the US, all of which are marijuana related.

In fact, I will be in Colombia later this month where we are working to completely decriminalize marijuana… in the heart of the “drug war”.  Here’s a hint to the world controllers: you can’t stop us.  You can’t stop freedom.  You are now free to go.

Times like these are where generational fortunes are made.  Not that money is everything but it is fun.  The marijuana business is and will be a  multi-billion dollar industry and that’s why we cover it consistently in TDV HomeGrown (which is free with a subscription to The Dollar Vigilante newsletter) and more specifically in TDV Golden Trader.  In fact, in the next week or two TDV Golden Trader will have at least three private marijuana deals for you to gain access to that you otherwise couldn’t.

If you wish you could go back and invest in Budweiser or Seagrams in the 1930s when the heinous “alcohol prohibition” came to an end… you are getting a second chance now… and this one may very well be bigger.

As always, we stand here at TDV to not only mock and prostrate against evil (government) but to speculate and profit from their evil doings.

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This article originally appeared at The Dollar Vigiliante