Upgrade Your Sex Life On Your Own Dime


A hot button issue that always seems to cycle around is the government funding of birth control. Advocates try to frame this in a way that makes it seem like a “woman’s right” or a “reproductive right” issue. It’s not, and we’re not buying it (literally). There is already cheap and effective birth control out there for anyone who wants it without a prescription. They are called condoms. However, these advocates don’t want condoms. They want contraceptive pills, IUDs and hormonal implants. I can totally understand why- sex without a condom is more enjoyable. But if you want to make your sex life more fun you should do it on your own dime.

By: Salvador Soldi

This article first appeared at Liberty.Me

Not Everyone Can Afford Condoms

Condoms can be expensive, this is true. However, if you forgo all the bells and whistles, the pleasure ribs and bumps, and special lube formulas, a regular box of condoms costs you less than $3. You can even get condoms at about 46 cents if you buy in bulk. Now if you can’t afford that you have two other options. The first is to sit back and reflect if should really be playing Russian roulette with mother nature if you don’t even have three dollars to spend.  The second it to proceed to one of the many places where you can get free condoms like local clinics, health centers, some hospitals and ERs, college campuses, even some high schools. So even if you cannot afford to buy your own, you can still be safe. There is no reason to not be having safe sex.

Condoms Are Not 100% Effective

No contraceptive is 100%. If you are going for 100% effective you would choose abstinence. Anything else is a compromise. Yes, with perfect use oral contraceptives are 99% effective compared to male condoms which are only 98%. (With typical use these fall to 92% and 85% respectively.) But again, if you want to upgrade to that extra bit do it on your own dime. Also, learn how to use a condom correctly every time. It’s not a Sudoku puzzle.

Birth Control Treats Other Conditions

It’s true that birth control pills and IUDs actually help with a slew of other problems from simple acne to hormone-based migraines, endometriosis, and polycystic ovary syndrome. However, we have now left the realm of pregnancy prevention and have entered into normal healthcare. Your medical issues should be taken care of by your healthcare provider and paid for the same way as if you had simply broken your arm. Your acne or migraines are not a reproductive issue, nor the issue at hand.

People Are Just Going To Do It Anyways

This is perhaps the worst argument of all. It is a classic hostage situation caused by bad parenting. It’s like giving a child a car for their sixteenth birthday only have them demand it by a Ferrari or they won’t drive it. We cannot allow ourselves to be held hostage by these birth control terrorists who threaten pregnancy if they do not get what they want. We have already made condoms easily accessible to all, if you want to hold your uterus hostage that is on you. We do not negotiate with u-terrorists.

Birth Control Should Be Made Available Over The Counter

I completely agree. There are already several studies that show that women are more than capable of selecting their own birth control pills. Long-term birth control can be made more readily available and at reduced costs if they are allowed to be bought over the counter. Let’s get working on this instead of trying to squeeze taxpayers.

In conclusion, most of us fully agree that a woman’s right to choose if and when she bears children is an integral part of her bodily autonomy. There are two options available to do just that- abstinence and condoms. Where we don’t agree is in forcing taxpayers to pay for the more fun, condom-free upgrade. We fully support woman’s right and reproductive rights, but if you want that particular upgrade to your sex life do it on your own dime.

This article first appeared at Liberty.Me