Should You Vote For Donald Trump?


“In the spirit conjured through your podcast “An Atheist Apologizes to Christians”, I have asked myself to evaluate the value of specific institutions that have evolved throughout Western history and have concluded that humanity has a bad habit of throwing the “baby out with the bathwater.” Those qualities of Western culture, the institutions that grew, the wealth that we enjoy today relative to the past, evolved from Enlightenment ideals and a protestant work ethic.

Today’s Conservative party holds late 19th century capitalism and 1950’s home life as the gold standard and pinnacle from which we have descended. Assuming of course that a politician actually aspires to do what they say they are going to do.

Why not ride a political wave back to the previous state of affairs that marked those times, and then work towards positive moral change going from there.

It would seem to be a much easier task than trying to convince an ever growing “r” selected population to think logically. After all, Martin Luther was able to change Christianity for the good without destroying the institution, why can’t we? It sounds crazy, but let’s vote Republican!”

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