Want to Expand the Liberty Movement? Don’t be a dick…


Plenty have risen to various levels of “success” by being a dick. That is a fact that I can’t possibly argue and there is obviously somewhat of a market for that. I could list names and you might agree or disagree and then by doing so I would probably just be putting myself on that same level of “dickishness”. Personally I’ve always kinda dug the quote “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.

As the founder and for years primary moderator of Punk Rock Libertarians I can testify to the results of honey vs. vinegar first hand.  I figured out early on that it’s probably pretty fucking dumb to give rash, un-thought out, tongue and cheek responses to even the most asinine of  comments (even if in your heart of hearts you believe yourself to be right). Instead, take a second and breathe…  Remember that even you yourself probably didn’t come to such a “higher level understanding of liberty” overnight.

I can’t even guess how many times I’ve seen people on the page evolve from a societally raised statist perspective to a liberty based understanding in a matter of months.  I’ve had people message me telling me that PRL got their parents into libertarianism!  For me nothing is cooler than that!  My goal with Punk Rock Libertarians was, is, and will always be to bring more people to the ideas of liberty rather than just an ideological circle jerk of jaded old hands.

I’m reminded of a few recent conversations I’ve with PRL author Jake Shannon.  Jake is extremely passionate about reaching the left with ideas of liberty.  Jake feels as though so much is being done to recruit those on the right that the left are often times ignored.  Personally I couldn’t agree with Jake more!

I like the idea that libertarianism is neither a right or left ideology but more so a ideological institution defiant of both equally.  This can be seen where as we seek vastly smaller government than the so-called conservatives and vastly more social tolerance than the so-called liberals.  Both sides want to tell you how to live and find it morally justifiable to enforce it on you at gun point.

As libertarians we need to always remember that liberty is non-exclusively for everyone.  I find it troubling that libertarianism is often viewed as a white males club.  I also find it troubling when attending liberty events and mostly only seeing white males.  Nothing against white males but libertarianism is ALL ABOUT MINORITIES.  Just as the individual is the smallest minority and the principle poster child of the libertarian movement.  Just as ALL are individuals and ALL individuals stand to gain from libertarian ideas we should in theory be seeing more diversity in the movement.  I welcome diversity to the movement just as I welcome ALL to the movement.  For the movement’s sake, the sake of the world & the sake of the individual;  I sincerely hope you do too.


About Author

Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".