Who’s Gonna Build the Roads?


… But muh roadz!

There is this argument that always comes from Statists when they debate on whether or not the state is worthless or not: “What about roads? Who are going to build the roads if there isn’t a state?”.

I won’t go into details with the argument. Let’s just say “how about you build them if you need them?”. The more pressing question is; “What are you going to say when the state decides that it’s their road and they’re going to close it for a day?”.

This is in fact happening in the Danish capitol right now. The local government in Copenhagen have decided to close several busy inner-city streets to cars for a Sunday. I know it doesn’t sound all that bad – after all it’s just one day, a Sunday even, but what about the principle of the matter and, worse yet, it’s sets a precedent for the local government, who plan to do this more often in the future.

Spending your money to deny you what is yours!

The local government in Copenhagen has been trying to shut down the inner city for cars for quite a while, but they have been unable to find the money to enforce the carless Sunday in the inner city.

They voted for the Car Free Sunday in October 2015, but despite having spent about half a billion (approx. 100 million USD) less than their budget for 2015 – and we’re talking one city here! – they didn’t set aside the 4,7 million dkk needed to enforced the Car Free Sunday on the 2016 budget; and everyone thought they’d forgotten about this stupid idea – until June 22nd 2016, where they came up with a ‘bright idea’.

The Copenhagen Marathon is already shutting down most of the inner city from 11am to 3pm on Sunday September 18th – and the rest of the day they will keep the city shut down for cars. That way they ‘only’ have to spend 400.00 dkk (approx. 61,000 USD) to close the roads for the cars that pay for them!

That rights – they are going to spend taxpayer money to shut down the street the taxpayers, and more specifically the car-owners, have paid for!

Because the roads belong to the government!

That’s a whole different side to the question of “who’s gonna build the roads if not the state?”.

Whoever owns something has jurisdiction over it. Everyone agrees with that, I assume and if you don’t; go play with your Play-Dough and leave this to the grown-ups – and since the state and/or local government owns the roads they’ve built for your taxmoney, they can do whatever they want with those roads and streets.

Including denying you access to said roads whenever they feel like it. That is, essentially what happens when you let someone else make your decisions for you and provide the things you need; they will give you something but on their terms – certainly not yours!

Wet dreams of empty streets

So far it’s just one day in conjunction with a marathon that is already closing down the inner city, but the politicians are not done there, by far.

It is the wet dream of every socialist politician to show their power over the people – much like a monarch would – and this is just one way of doing it. Closing the street for a day doesn’t do the ecological system any noticeable good nor does it help the population of Copenhagen.

It is only a show of power – teaching the ‘children’ who is boss and how far that power can stretch. Nothing more, nothing less. Had it served a purpose like, say, back in 1973 with the oil-crisis where car-free Sundays were needed to conserve oil and gas, then maybe, just maybe it would be worth the taxpayer’s money, but there is no such reason behind this.

They are spending money to keep people off the streets they have already paid for through their taxes and keep paying for through gas-prices and car-purchases, and still the local government decides to take it away from them. (I say ‘them’ because I don’t drive and because I no longer live in Copenhagen).

So, are you still willing to ask the question “who’s gonna build the roads?” or are you finally willing to answer it yourself with a resounding “me and my friends”?

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Danish Libertarian and adult film producer. Being fed up with living in the 'nanny-state' that is Denmark and hearing it constantly being praised by liberal americans I have decided to speak out against what should be the scariest nightmare for all; the nanny-state governed through parliamentary democracy.