Yet Another City Council Approves Body Cameras For Police


The Cleveland, Ohio City Council just approved a 1.6 million dollar budget for body cameras for police of the city.

By Cassius Methyl @ TheAntiMedia

In spring of this year 200 officers from the Cleveland police department tested these body cameras.

One city council member wants these cameras put to use as early as possible, calling this an emergency situation, as 3 people have been shot by cops in Cleveland in the past 30 days.

City council member Zack Reed says:

“In my opinion, this is an emergency situation[…]You’ve done all the legwork, the policies are in place. So the next step is to pick the vendor, go to the board of control and get these cameras in the hands of police officers.”

The continued, tireless efforts put forth by activists who gathered at Ferguson and continue to push forward, are more evidently paying off by the day, all across America.

Do you think the events at Ferguson are playing a significant role in shaping people’s decision making when it comes to things like this, equipping departments known for killing unarmed people with body cameras?

Do you think this would change anything, if the root cause of this phenomena of officers killing unarmed people may still be present, and what do you think the true root cause of this is?

Zack Reed also released a statement asking that “the city also make an effort to improve the police’s relationship with the community.”

Also consider this; this is a lot of money. There are a lot of starving people all over the place.

Please share this with as many people as possible, specifically people who are not normally exposed to articles critical of the police, and share what you think about this in the comments. Debating as a mental exercise is incredibly healthy!

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